Microsoft SQL Database development with Konceptwise:

Konceptwise has a rich experience of working on microsoft sql database design, development and administration. The services we offer are applicable for both conventional and unconventional database types. Our team has ample experience in handling queries and problems on Microsoft, Jaspersoft and oracle tools. In addition to these services, mongo database and elastic search database developments are also accommodated.

The services offered by our microsoft SQL database development team:

Microsoft SQL database modelling and design:

Our high-end designs and models are tailor-made to suit individual needs of the customers. We offer database design models based on techniques like those mentioned below.

  • E-R Modelling technique
  • Semantic Modelling technique
  • Star Schema Design technique
  • Snowflake Schema Design technique

Microsoft SQL database optimization:

Konceptwise allows for the development of an elastic search database which provides quick data search services. Such optimization via an elastic search database is detrimental in data discovery applications. Following are the few ways in which we can optimize the database.

  • Data profiling
  • Identification of primary keys
  • Optimizing query performances
  • Database indexing
  • Server tuning

Microsoft SQL database programming:

The experts we hire for building an elastic search database are well versed in PL/SQL programming. They follow our standard norms for coding the components of databases to be used for further application development.

Performance tuning and stability in Microsoft SQL based databases:

The grid file system present in a mongo database allows efficient data manipulation. The horizontal scaling via sharding enables an even data distribution. The unique load sharing attributes of a mongo database increase the stability of the system.

Few of the ways used for performance tuning have been mentioned below:

  • Query tuning
  • Efficient designs of database files
  • Optimized Environment setup
  • Choosing the right DBMS

Microsoft SQL database migration and upgradation:

Konceptwise has previously assisted many clients for upgrading their existing microsoft SQL database to higher versions, extracting data from one database to another. Our data migration projects have been successfully completed without any loss of data.

Our two major Microsoft SQL database services have been particularly appreciated by the clients. These are elastic search database and mongo database. An elastic search database allows instantly searchable, broadly distributable and highly scalable data distribution. Whereas a mongo database enables ad hoc queries, excellent replication facility, load balancing, Grid file system based file storing and circular queue like caped collections.


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