Html5 app development services offered by Konceptwise:

The demands of a html5 responsive design based applications are rising due to their “built once, run anywhere” nature. This saves a lot of time and money in the development. Html5 app development is now being seen as an equal to the native app development. The idea of cross-platform and single page web applications based on services in angularjs is hitting the markets on a serious note.

The types of html5 app development we offer:

Web application development with html5 responsive design:

The web application designed by our team of experts can run on any browser. The html5 responsive design is supported by all the devices. A packaged web application has the facility of being distributed from an app store via a mobile device. Such html5 app development is different from hybrid apps as these don’t utilize the native device features. With our integrated services in angularjs, parameters of apps can be enhanced considerably.

Hybrid app with html5 responsive design:

The html5 app development we provide involves the construction of hybrid applications which utilize APIs of the native device. Their distribution remains the same as that of web applications with a html5 responsive design. These applications too can be built via an extension of libraries using our services in angularjs for better results.

Unique Features of our html5 responsive design:

High performance html5 app development:

Estimating the right libraries and coding practices to increase the performance of a html5 responsive design based application is very critical. Ill-placed objects and a lot of DOM manipulation can spoil the put in efforts in html5 app development. Konceptwise has a smart and intelligent crew which knows the hooks and crooks of html5 app development and hence make high performance html5 apps.

High-end graphics and animations via our services in angularjs:

With an extensive support for services in angularjs, we can extent html libraries for better applications. The framework developing solutions integrated with services in angularjs can lead to impressive results.

Scalable and impressive html5 responsive design:

Our services in angularjs expounds dynamic views to your applications. Availing our html5 responsive design services enable your users to view the same app on different sized devices with automatic scaling. Many clients worldwide have collaborated with us for assistance in html5 application development. They have appreciated our in-time and quality work deliveries.


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