The need for azure web services:

A large amount of data can be effectively managed via microsoft azure cloud based services. It’s an open and flexible cloud platform being widely used by many enterprises for building reliable infrastructures. With the entire data collectively kept at a single data center, tracking any piece of information is easy. We provide support for all the three models under azure web services namely infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Our microsoft azure cloud based services:

Building infrastructure using microsoft azure cloud:

Infrastructures built using azure web services are robust and can handle failures. Building virtual machines and applications via microsoft azure cloud is much faster.

Developing modern facilities using microsoft azure cloud:

Using azure platform as a service in windows, android and iOS development can add so many dimensions to your apps. Microsoft azure cloud can be integrated with apps to take advantage of the web. This can provide a line of sight solutions with customizable scalability options.

Microsoft azure cloud based data services:

The SQL and NOSQL data services in azure accommodate an optimized data management solution. Azure platform as a service also has a built-in support for tracking the insights on your data. Konceptwise offers Hadoop cluster creation using HDInsight.

Identity management via azure web services:

Having a single identity on multiple software services supported by microsoft azure cloud allow transparency and ease of accessibility. There are many softwares offered by azure including dropbox, google apps, Docusign etc.

Konceptwise for using azure platform as a service:

  • We offer competitive prices for our cloud based services.
  • Konceptwise has a lot of experience in providing support for cloud based services.
  • We have a round the clock available support team offering azure web services.


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