About the project

Jalpi started as an alternative to SMS. Our product now supports sending and receiving a variety of media: text, photos, documents, and location. Our messages are secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no third party including Jalpi can read or listen to them. Behind every product decision is our desire to let people communicate anywhere in the world without barriers.

Jalpi is a cross platform A2P (Application to Person) and P2A (Person to Application) messaging tool which serves the organizations or persons requiring communication (One way or Two way, Multimedia Supported) to be sent (Anywhere in the world-Supported by mobile Internet) to large number of people in short period of time and at a cost effective rate with In-depth reporting.

Technology Skill Set

  • C# Programming
  • Amazon Web Services
  • MVC
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AngularJS
  • MongoDb
  • Mobile Applcation in Android/IOS

Business Requirement

Accroding client approached Konceptwise Digital Media Pvt Ltd with a great idea of connecting Customers on the same portal with key features like messaging tool which serves the organizations or persons requiring communication.


Based on clients requirement and keeping security and future growth of users in mind Konceptwise Digital Media Pvt Ltd proposed solution to make this web application using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server with following features:

  • Solution API’s
  • SMS Integration
  • Multimedia Communication
  • compose-campaign-customized Email module
  • In-Depth Reporting